1. Can you add the missing words and sing the song?

                I'm a jolly, jolly dinosaur,
                I'd like to play with ___,
                I'm a jolly, jolly dinosaur,
                Just ____ what we ___ do.

2. Which of these instruments have you seen and  heard at Jolly Dinosaurs?

   Trumpet                     Violin          

Recorder       Guitar        Keyboard

Pan Pipes             Cello

  Clarinet            Saxophone

3. How many dinosaurs are in each row?


+ =



4. Which of these people are dancing to music?




5. Which is right?  

     a) Who sat on a wall and had a great fall?

         Humpty Dumpty        Postman Pat

     b) What did Old Macdonald have?

         Shop                         Farm 

     c) What did Polly put on?

          Kettle                      Television

     d) Who sat down next to Little Miss Muffet?

          Cat                           Spider

     e) Who jumped over the moon?

          Dog                           Cow


6. Which of these dinosaurs are the same?